Bobin is a founder of Pognee. Each day spent playing with her little one is so precious and filled with joy. She wanted to make things that embody her own tastes in style yet functional and easy to use. She seeks simple designs that can fully capture fun and exciting stories.

As a coy designer at heart, a co-founder, Charm loves vintage and classic styles. Her gentle but witty personality is well reflected in the cute and unique patterns of Pognee.

Friends since Art School, Bobin and Charm launched a unique brand for babies, Pognee. The word Pognee means soft and comfy. Our selected baby goods are vivid in colors inspired by the brightness and warmth of nature, while the texture of our basic cotton materials are soft and fluffy just like clouds. We want our kids to grow up resembling the pureness of nature. This inspired our hearts to select and make our own unique and efficient products.

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